St Mark’s Place, late on Summer day
Overlapping hexagon grids — there’s no deeper meaning
My tent in Costa Rica, about 30 yards from the ocean
This was, surprisingly, the best one of at least a dozen attempts
The wind blowing the sand off the tops of the Dunes
A nice Talisker 10 year after a fancy dinner in London
The boys of 132 E 7th, Jeff, Max, myself, and Pat
I took some great selfies this year

What a year.

Lotta sunset photos this year (this one from Costa Rica)

Resolutions from 2018

  • The Handmaid’s Tale, Call Me by Your Name, and Debt were my favorite books. Handmaid’s Tale and Call Me by Your Name were both incredibly immersive in their respective worlds, and I couldn’t wait to get through them. Debt was the most interesting book I read this year, hands down.
  • Walden was amazing, I’m going to re-read it every year (and have already started for 2019)
  • Debt, Guns/Germs/Steel, and Sapiens made for a very interesting trio. They all follow the same rough ideas of how human society has formed and transformed and what makes it work, with I think Debt being the most clear in it’s thesis. If you have the time, I would strongly recommend reading them back to back.
  • The writing in GoT is trash, and I wanted to stop after the second one but didn’t have any other audiobooks downloaded at the time and so went through the third.
All the places I visited in 2018, courtesy Swarm
Somewhere in the middle of the Great Sand Dunes after hiking around for a few hours

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New Art

Resolutions for 2019

  • Be intentional about how I spend my time
  • Continue to take care of myself (therapy, actually working out)
  • Read at least 20 books
  • Visit the southern hemisphere



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