A block of brownstone apartments in Brooklyn as the sun sets

A classic car parked in front of the Immigrant wine and beer bar
My favorite scene in the East Village

St Mark’s Place, late on Summer day

Tracking Work

Last year I ended up building out a spreadsheet to help schedule various projects for my team, and it ended up also being super useful to track work throughout the year. …

Glacier National Park
  • We launched the Tech Career Accelerator Program!
  • I flew 50K miles on Delta, visiting all four corners of the US and a bit of Europe
  • Blue Apron went public!
  • I opened a bar!
  • I got promoted!
  • I started mentoring through Plato and Everwise
  • and I consulted for this…

My first desk at eBay NYC

John Cline

he/him. co-founder/cto at shelflife, interested in tech, art, and nyc

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