A classic car parked in front of the Immigrant wine and beer bar
My favorite scene in the East Village

Last year, I wrote about how 2018 kind of went by in a blur, and this year did as well (much to my surprise). I knew coming into 2019 that big changes were coming— I was finally reaching my limit of being burnt out at work, the future of the…

St Mark’s Place, late on Summer day

In my post covering 2017, I wrote about how much of a roller coaster last year was. In many ways, this year continued that trend, but looking back it’s hard to find some of the specific accomplishments similar to what 2017 brought. I went on a vacation in March, and…

I thought it’d be useful to share out some of the tools and resources that I use as part of my workflow as a manager. Below is a link to a number of Google docs, which if it sounds interesting to you I encourage you to copy for your own…

John Cline

he/him. co-founder/cto at shelflife, interested in tech, art, and nyc

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