• Brad Czerniak

    Brad Czerniak

    Drupal Developer and recovering librarian

  • Kristin Brandt

    Kristin Brandt

  • Celeste Layne

    Celeste Layne

    Software Engineer. Trinidad-born. Queens-grown. NYC forever.

  • SquadUP


    Simple and social event planning. From fundraisers, to parties, to networking events and beyond-- use SquadUP to invite friends and collect money.

  • Brook Perry

    Brook Perry

    Marketing at DX (getdx.com)

  • David Wysoki

    David Wysoki

  • Candice Harper

    Candice Harper

    Purveyor of Love and good vibes. Changing the world one wistful visionary at a time.

  • Rebekah Rombom

    Rebekah Rombom

    General enthusiast. Making myself useful @FlatironSchool.

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