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  • Kanyi Maqubela

    Kanyi Maqubela

    managing partner, kindred ventures. lover, not-fighter.

  • Lillian Cartwright

    Lillian Cartwright

    Co-Founder of ShelfLife

  • Ellen K. Pao

    Ellen K. Pao

    Co-Founder and CEO of Project Include. Author of Reset. Angel investor.

  • Leah Fessler

    Leah Fessler

    Investor at NextView Ventures. Journalist. Thinking about gender, equality, and pugs. Formerly at Chief, Quartz, Slow, Bridgewater Associates, Middlebury.

  • Yun-Fang Juan

    Yun-Fang Juan

    Early Stage Investor at brightercapital.com.

  • Maya Kosoff

    Maya Kosoff

    i’m a freelance writer and editor. you can also read me in places like the new york times and vanity fair.

  • Susan Orlean

    Susan Orlean

    Staff writer, The New Yorker. Author of The Library Book, The Orchid Thief, and more…Head of my very own Literati.com book club (join me!)

  • Sarah Judd Welch

    Sarah Judd Welch

    CEO of Sharehold (https://sharehold.co). Currently researching belonging at work. Community design, org design, systems thinking, gardening. She/Her.

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